What I'm Listening To...and other thoughts


Happy to report that I was the 2013 winner among several folks nominated to the VEER Magazine Local Music Awards in the jazz category for my recording, "When Trees Speak". 


We have not had an official jazz club in this area since the fall of 2013, with no prospects on the horizon for a bonafide jazz club in Hampton Roads. That said, there is jazz being performed at Cafe Stella in Norfolk every Thursday evening, 8-10. Woody beckner holds court with various guests. Opus 9 in Williamsburg also features a jazz brunch on Sundays. While not thriving, there are jazz players out there working to keep things alive in Hampton Roads. That said, it remains a little heartbreaking to be at this juncture,  living in a metropolitan area comprised of 7 thriving cities and 1.5 million people, and yet with all of these people and musicians we do not have one venue that might be described as a real, bonafide jazz club, or even something close.

I should close by saying that The Attucks Jazz Series sponsored by the City of Norfolk & The Virginia Arts Festival has shows September through April for the upcoming season featuring some fairly big name artists. All of these shows sell out routinely, which is both encouraging and speaks to the fact that there is an audience that supports jazz. Check the VA Arts Festival schedule for more information about this Attucks Jazz Series.